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Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag is proud to say that we have over 10+ years of experience and we are always striving for developments to be one of the leaders in the FIBC Jumbo Bag market. Customer satisfaction is our success.

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Years of Experience

”If you want quality, go with Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag. They not only have the best quality in terms of FIBC bags, but outstanding customer service and experience as well.“

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10+ Years of Experience in the FIBC Jumbo Bag Industry

Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag was established in 2012 producing FIBC Bags (including jumbo bags, container bags, big bags, and more). With over 10 years of experience in this industry, Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag is known for its quality products and excellent customer experience.

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Our goal is to always produce the best quality products and deliver excellence in customer success.

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What People Say

"We've been working with Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag for over 5+ years now and can't be happier. Their products are of the best quality and customer support is next level. They'll give you support whenever you need with whatever problems you run into."


Client of Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag

"The Tu Phuong brand always has the best quality products. From Tarpaulin, BOPP, to AD Star bags, to Jumbo Bags. If you want quality with competitive prices, go with Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag."


Client of Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag

"Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag's customer service is top notch. They assist you even after the sale and go above and beyond to help. You simply can't beat that."

Nam Son

Client of Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag


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