Custom FIBC Jumbo Bags Design

Tu Phuong Jumbo Bags
Tu Phuong Jumbo Bags Team

With many years of experience in producing jumbo bag, Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag Manufacturing can design and custom jumbo bags specifically catered to your unique product, equipment, and application. Many of our customers start by using our stock FIBCs and transition to ordering custom jumbo bags. Custom does not have mean more expensive, in fact, custom can often lead to cost savings. It is our goal to provide a jumbo bag that is the best fit at the best price.

Custom FIBC (Jumbo bag) features include:

  • Safe working loads up to 3000kg
  • Custom shape and size of jumbo bag
  • With or without polyethylene liners
  • Baffles or no baffles
  • Duffle top, spout top, or open top
  • Flat bottom, spout bottom, or full discharge bottom
  • Different colors for fabric and belts
  • Custom printing / label

We can custom our jumbo bag to meet all your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry of jumbo bag. Our sale teams are willing to support at anytime. Email us at