Guide to Buy FIBC Jumbo Bags

Tu Phuong Jumbo Bags
Tu Phuong Jumbo Bags Team

Jumbo bag of FIBC bag becomes more and more popular in all over the world because of its advantages. To help you purchase Jumbo Bags easier and more enjoyable, Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag manufacturing would like to share some guides as follows:

1/ Types of jumbo bags: This is the most important thing you should provide for your suppliers. You should know which types of jumbo bag you need: type  A-B-C-D – Refer this articles: Types of FIBC Jumbo Bags A B C & D, And your jumbo bags are circle body bags, or U-panel bags, or 4-Panel bags, etc.

2/ Body fabric: Body fabric is considered as one of the most parts of jumbo bag. You should show your suppliers which fabric you need, coated or uncoated, thick or thin, color, size, etc.

3/ Types of lifting belt: Lifting belts are the second important part of jumbo bag. You should identify the width, length, color, etc. or ask your jumbo bag suppliers for better advises.

4/ FIBC liners: do your jumbo bags need inner liner? form-fit liner or just tube liner?

5/ Jumbo FIBC bags with baffles or not?

6/Bag top construction: top spout/ top skirt , or open top

7/ Bag bottom construction: flat bottom or spout bottom

8/ Safety factors: 5:1 & 6:1 safety guidelines

9/ SWL (Safe work load)

10/ Specialty bulk bags: you can list all special requirements of your jumbo bags if any, for example: the ratio of UV , recycle material, heat cut, etc.

This comprehensive guides are just basic information for the first time you work with your suppliers. After that, you can provide them more details based on the type of jumbo bags.

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