Packing Jumbo Bags for Transportation and Shipping

Tu Phuong Jumbo Bags
Tu Phuong Jumbo Bags Team

This way is one of the easiest and most efficient methods of preparing jumbo FIBC bags for transportation or shipping. We can place one FIBC bag/ PP Big Bag on top of another until full container. The disadvantage of this method is that  it cannot be automated by machines but by human power.

Packing Jumbo Bags with pallets:

Packing without pallet is a good method but isn’t always a viable option as we mentioned above, especially when putting large quantities of bags into a single truck. Packing jumbo bag with pallets or palletizing method is a common technique because it provides added security and makes loading and unloading much easier.

How to pack PP big bag (FIBC bulk bag) with pallet?

Pallet wrappers: Using pallet wrappers or stretch film wrap to secure bags to a pallet is an easy and effective way to prevent shifting during transport. This method is easy, secure and affordable, and can even be automated in many cases.
Bands/Tapes: Another common method of securing bags to pallets is to use metal or plastic banding/tape. This approach creates a secure load but does involve more labor and can be more expensive than pallet wrapping.

At Tu Phuong Jumbo Bag Manufacturing, we can combine 2 methods. First, we will stack jumbo bag above pallet, then wrap them by Stretch film/wrap. Then, we will pack it with a outer bag. Then, we will tie this pallet by tapes.

This way is a little bit higher price but we see it with great success. Depending on the purpose of customers, we will customize and advise the best solution. Jumbo Bag Tu Phuong is here to help you develop the best methods of transporting, shipping and storing your bags. Whether you simply need advice or are searching for a new solution for your facility, we are willing to support.

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