PP Jumbo Bags with Baffle

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What is jumbo bag with baffle?

This kind of FIBC Jumbo bags is manufactured with polypropylene baffles sewn across the four corners to increase their filling capacity to nearly 30% compared to standard FIBCs.

So what is the differences between jumbo bag with or without baffle?

With the Standard FIBC jumbo bag (or jumbo bag without baffle), once filled, its shape will become round. Therefore, when loaded in a container or a freighter, unused space will be created, lowering the loading efficiency.
However, with the Jumbo Baffle Bag, it allows you to load more into the same space, increasing the packing efficiency, better stackability, shape retention, space optimization, and protection from spillage. Compared to standard jumbo bags, the loading capacity of the Jumbo Baffle Bag can increase up to 25-30%.

Comparing Jumbo Bag with and without baffle

Q: What is the size of Jumbo bag with baffle ?
A: The standard size is 105 cm width x 105 cm depth x 110 cm height, but we can manufacture various sizes depending on the order.

Q: Can you make an original size?
A: Jumbo Tu Phuong can provide various sizes according to our customer’s request. With the long-term technical experience in the field, we can advise your company on choosing the appropriate size for your needs to package goods in containers or on boat.

Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: Our standard delivery takes around 30 days or depends on your location. We will let you know before confirming the orders.

Q: Can a jumbo Baffle bag be used repeatedly?
A: The product is guaranteed for one-time (single) use only, therefore if reused, please use with caution.

Q: Can it be used in food applications?
A: it can be used for food with higher cost. Please contact us for more details.